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Promoteq was founded in 1995 by our current chairman. Since then, the company has grown organically into four offices spread across Sweden and into USA and Norway. Promoteq now consists of 20 employees and a wide network of consultants.

Our vision is to provide our customers with the best available equipment at competitive prices. Our professional and dedicated team maintain close contact with the industry as well as clients in order to fully understand their needs and mission challenges.

The business landscape in our industry is everchanging but our core values remain intact. To our help, we have adopted the the UN 2030 goals and work tirelessly to improve our sustainable development standards. New business areas, long-term framework agreements and expansion into new markets combined with a solid relationship with our supplier network gives us the foundation to sustain our expansion at a steady pace.


Systems Solutions

Promoteq will tailor system solutions to our customer’s needs. Our team has proven experience with researching and compiling systems to meet stringent tender specifications.

Tenders & Contracts

Promoteq successfully works with tenders solicited by contracting authorities and has won a large number of contracts and framework agreements, both towards specific products, as well as product areas specified by the client. Promoteq has the capacity to offer complete systems management, including maintenance commitments, logistical solutions, documentation, and systems security work.

Clients & References

Promoteq's client portfolio includes medical, defense and security agencies, as well as larger companies. Promoteq also deals with supranational organizations such as the EU, as well as the U.N. References or reference assignments will be provided upon request with the approval of respective client.


Promoteq's Portfolio

Systems integrations. Building well-adapted systems that meet the end users' requirements
Weapons platforms and ammunition
Protective equipment
Route clearance and munitions disposal equipment
Medical equipment and medical systems


Subsidiaries and in-house brands

TCCC Revived
Promoteq Norway
Promoteq USA Inc.
Quality and Environmental Management Systems

Promoteq AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

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