Promoteq AB 

Promoteq AB was established 1995 in Sandviken, Sweden.
While our main offices and warehouse remain in Sandviken, we also have sales offices in Stockholm and Helsingborg.

Promoteq's customers consist of mainly government organizations and companies with defense, law enforcement, security and medical missions. Promoteq is also established in Norway (Promoteq Norway) and the United States of America (Promoteq USA Inc.).

Promoteq's business model is to deliver the latest and most well adapted equipment to our customers. This is facilitated through established supplier and customer networks, nationally and internationally.

The staff at Promoteq all have well established knowledge and experience with the equipment we sell. Our team of professionals come from Law enforcement, Military, and the Swedish Defense Material Administration backgrounds.

Our end goal is to offer our clients and customers complete solutions towards product sales and logistics. We do this by:

Taking systems responsibility
Conducting deep market analyses
Offer product and solutions based training
Assist with import- and export control
Offer a high level of discretion and confidentiality

Promoteq also has a vehicle workshop for motorcycles, snowmobiles and quad bikes operating in Sandviken


Systems Solutions

Promoteq will tailor system solutions to our customer’s needs. Our team has proven experience with researching and compiling systems to meet stringent tender specifications.

Tenders & Contracts

Promoteq successfully works with tenders solicited by contracting authorities and has won a large number of contracts and framework agreements, both towards specific products, as well as product areas specified by the client. Promoteq has the capacity to offer complete systems management, including maintenance commitments, logistical solutions, documentation, and systems security work.

Clients & References

Promoteq's client portfolio includes medical, defense and security agencies, as well as larger companies. Promoteq also deals with supranational organizations such as the EU, as well as the U.N. References or reference assignments will be provided upon request with the approval of respective client.


Promoteq's Portfolio

Systems integrations. Building well adapted systems that meet the end users' requirements
Weapons platforms and ammunition
Protective equipment
Route clearance and munitions disposal equipment
Medical equipment and medical systems
Vehicle workshop for Motorcycles, ATV´s and Snowmobiles

Subsidiaries and in-house brands

Equipt AB
Promoteq Motor
TCCC Revived
Promoteq Norway
Promoteq USA Inc.
Quality and Environmental Management Systems

Promoteq AB is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

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