Primarily represents and provides medical equipment in the four following categories:

Prehospital systems solutions

Promoteq has driven the development and marketing of the international medical system REVIVE for prehospital treatment, in accordance with TCCC doctrine.
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Promoteq has many years of experience providing consumable goods for trauma care. We work with leading brands and manufacturers of tourniquets, chest seals, hemostatic bandages, etc. Many of these products are recommended for trauma care in accordance with TCCC and DCR.


Medical technology

Promoteq represents innovative companies in medical technology with products for the delivery of whole blood, delivery of blood in a field environment, and products that treat hypothermia. Promoteq can also offer turnkey solutions for the storage and heating of blood products in demanding environments and conditions.




Our suite of simulators has been carefully selected to enable the teaching and training of trauma care in a field environment. The Simulators are built from the ground up to offer realistic training in stopping bleeding or clearing airways.
In our inventory we carry everything from simple procedure trainers to advanced full body simulators, with the capacity to add light, sound, and scent simulants. Promoteq is an authorized training and equipment service provider.

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